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Hop on under OVER to beam your solo at least one dimension further—push your amp into the land of magic. under OVER adds air to your music, makes it breath. With the Bass (under) control your preferred amount of low end is added. Or reduced. The Mid (OVER) control sets the critical midrange. Set both controls low and you've got a treble booster. Finally use the Volume (& Out) control to transport the shimmering music to your amp—out into the world of ears.


  • Mechanical (true) bypass switching, ON indicated with a blue LED
  • External controls: 'Under', 'Over', & 'Out' controls / Bass, Mid, Volume. (Bass, Mid +/- 9 dB)
  • Internal controls: 1 'Top' (treble) trimmer (+/- 9 dB)
  • Power Consumption: 9VDC/2 mA (= rich battery life)
  • AC Adapter (Optional): 5-18 VDC, center-pin negative (BOSS Standard, regulated)

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