Himmelstrutz Gramps+ - Fuzztortion



GRAMPS+ is for all you GRAMPS diggers that would like to dig even deeper. You get:

  • Cream—Craziness
  • Bottom—Fatness
  • Top—Evilness
  • Volume—Loudness
  • Gain—Guitar pickup type (2-way switch)
  • Temperament—Character of the day (3-way switch)

Yes, it's a GRAMPS with 27 more hungry horses in front of you. With GRAMPS+ your sleepy life will get dynamite.


  • Mechanical (true) bypass switching, ON indicated with a blue LED
  • External controls: 'Cream', 'Bottom', 'Top', 'Volume'
  • External switches: 'Temperament', 'Gain'
  • Internal controls: 1 'Treble' trimmer
  • Power Consumption: 9VDC/5-6 mA
  • AC Adapter (Optional): 5-18 VDC, center-pin negative (BOSS Standard, regulated)

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