Himmelstrutz Gekko - Space-Boost / Delay



Hop on Gekko to transport yourself out in the space, to that specific natural, airy sounding place you didn't know existed anymore. You have probably heard those kind of sounds on old vinyl, or when your drunk & sentimental grandpa told you about it! But still you have no idea what he was talking about...?

It's about an 'echo' or a'reverb' effect; the fantastic sounds the old man tried to describe was for sure generated by a magnetic drum machine or a tape echo!

With that in mind, Himmelstrutz Gekko was born, to add a natural space, a not so clean, jumping lizardish sound to get heard in a mix and to make the creation of music more inspiring. That's an appropriate way to describe Gekko—musical + inspiring!

And in a small box. Added to that Gekko is not just another "blue/soft/analog sounding" echo/delay. It's worse.


  • Mix—Echo level ('dry' to 'wet')
  • Delay—echo time (25-450 mS)
  • Feedback—echo repeat(s) (1 to infinite/oscillation)
  • Glaze—echo character/Lofi/Normal/Soft (3 way toggle switch)
  • Wobble—echo repeat variation (ON/OFF 2 way toggle switch)
  • Volume—as loud as you ever want!
  • GIMME—true bypass switching

With the Delay you set the time of the echo. The Mix adjusts the level of the echo and the Feedback controls the echo repeats, which in Gekko is a thing of its own! With 2 toggle switches, Glaze and Wobble, you adjust the character of the echo-cho-hoi-oi-i sound, to make it more or less Himmelstrutzilised. With the Volume you adjust the level of the mixed echo/dry signal, which means you can boost the output—echo/dry—up to +15 dB!

Conclusion: If you don't like echo sounds but love a good sounding boost—turn down the "Mix", turn up the "Volume" and rock it! If this isn't enough, go and get a Fetto.


  • All original and handmade Himmelstrutz design. Digital delay processing with a genuine Himmelstruzilised analog audio path. How pathetic isn't that?
  • Mechanical (true) bypass switching, ON indicated with a blue LED
  • External knobs: 'Mix/Delay/Feedback/Volume (+15 dB boost max)
  • External toggles: 'Glaze' & 'Wobble' (echo frequency/character tuners)
  • Internal controls: 3 trimmers (Input level/Gain/Wobble depth)
  • Delay (echo) time: approx. 25-450 ms
  • Power Consumption: 9-12 V DC/25-40 mA. Powered with external AC Adapter (Optional): 9-12 V DC, center-pin negative (Straight plug, BOSS Standard connection, regulated power supply)
  • Dimensions (L/W/H): 111,6/61,6/50,0 mm (4,37/2,4/1,9 In)
  • Weight: 450 grams (0,99 lbs)
  • Color, finish: May vary depending on season and reason. April 2013: 'Stockholm White' (RAL 9010)


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