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What if you think FETTO Standard isn't enough and FETTO Nord may be too much—but you still need a Great Distortion?

With FETTO Custom you get a great array of musical distortion(s) —at any volume— thanks to its unique distortion engine and a versatile palette of controls:

  • Drive—drive control
  • Bottom—bass control
  • Top—treble control
  • Mid*—mid character (toggle)
  • Bright*—more or less higher frequencies (toggle)
  • Volume—as loud as you'll ever need!
  • GIMME—true bypass switching

* By adjusting Mid and Bright many 'difficult' amps (ala Fender) can also get Great distortion. Perfect string separation, all the way from smooth overdrive to heavy distortion. Never lose the character of your instrument or amplifier. Designed to match the volume control on your guitar perfectly. Most pedals sounds just like a pedal. Not the case with the FETTO's—they sound and feel like an extension of your amp.


  • Mechanical (true) bypass switching, ON indicated with a blue LED
  • External control knobs: 'Drive', 'Top', 'Bottom', 'Volume'
  • External switches: 'Mid', 'Bright'
  • Power Consumption: 9VDC/1,5mA (= rich battery life)
  • AC Adapter (Optional): 5-18 VDC, center-pin negative (BOSS Standard, regulated)

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