Hiero Effects Postmorbid Fuzz


Hiero Effects

The POSTMORBID is a highly saturated gated fuzz with a random oscillations feature.


  • MODE switch:
    • 1 - Normal mode (down)
      • In this mode the DEPTH knob adds more saturation.
      • The PITCH knob is a voicing control.
      • The SHIFT switch acts as a bass boost.
    • 2 - Oscillation mode (up) - In this mode the pedal can self-oscillate and generate it's own tones with random frequency. Oscillations don't respond to the controls of your guitar.
      • The DEPTH knob changes the level of oscillations relative to the main signal.
      • The PITCH knob changes the frequency of the generated notes.
      • The SHIFT switch shifts the frequency range of the oscillations.
  • LEVEL - sets the level of the effect.
  • PULSE - with this momentary footswitch the distorted signal is partially or completely muted, depending on the position of the DEPTH knob (in oscillation mode, the generated notes are not muted).
  • ON/OFF - bypass switch.
  • POWER: Standard 2.1mm, negative-tip 9VDC power supply.

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