Hexe Sky Chorus/Vibrato


Hexe (2005)

Analog Chorus that offers a wide pallete of chorusing sounds, true vibrato and semi leslie/rotary speaker sounds.


  • Rate - frequency of the LFO, that controlls modulations. Slow range produces smooth chorusing effect, at faster ferquencies it gives from light vibrato to semi leslie/rotary speaker sounds.
  • Depth - of the modulations.
  • Chorus/Vibrato - switches between two working modes.
  • Noise gate in the delay line side chain. The most noisy part in analog chorus is analog delay line,so the gate cuts out its noise when there's no signal at input, when playing the noise is masked by the guitar signal. Gate responses (attack/decay time) are very fast, so the gate works innoticable.
  • New mixing circuitry, designed to achieve the most flat frequency response in the dry signal path. This Chorus will not colour the original sound.
  • true bypass
  • boxed in classic alu Hammond 1590BB
  • powering: battery or regulated 9V DC adaptor. Pedal has reversed polarity protection. Current consumption 30mA.

The sound is warm and soft, no icy-treble synthetic sounds from this unit. Sky Chorus/Vibrato offers classic analog chorusing sound with some background improvements helping to minimize the noise.

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