Hexe Hottie - Multi Booster/Overdrive


Hexe (2005)

The main purpose of creating Hottie was to put together many features of the Overdrives, Boosters, Tone Shapers with special dedication to work with tube guitar amplifier. The result - very hot and versalite Hottie can become from a simple all-pass booster to a multi function overdrive, Hottie can hot-rod and add a claw to the sound, she will help when there's lack of gain, lack of selectivity in sound, she's capable of making a screaming lead from bluesy crunch channel, beautiful crunch sound from clean tube channel and much more.


  • Overdrive: offers classic warm overdrive sound with range from almost clean to mid distorted, great reaction to playing techniques. Controllable parameters are: Gain - degree of distortion, Tone - treble/presence regulator and Harmonics - 3 position switch that offers 3 types of distortion (2 symmetrical, 1 asymmetrical)
  • Clean Boost: increases the signal amplitude without adding any distortion. There is 3 position switch assigned to Clean Boost, too. Position Flat means only boosting the volume, without any tone changes. Position Mid - middle frequencies are boosted more. Position Treble - signal brighhtener, high frequencies are boosted more.
  • Both of the signals, Overdrive and Clean Boost can be mixed in desired ratio with Mix knob. That means in max left position of the Mix we have pure Clean Boost box, in max right position of the Mix we have pure Overdrive pedal, and in every middle position we have a lot of new sounds, touch sensitivity of Clean boost and crunchy sounds from overdrive.
  • Level - works as output level regulator. When Mix is in max left position (full clean Boost) Level works as Boost Level knob.

Hottie can be powered from regulated power supply 9V DC or battery (the place for battery is inside the pedal, after unscrewing the bottom plate). As each of the hexe pedals Hottie is fully protected against wrong power supply polarity.

The capability of mixing distorted and clean sounds gives a larger dynamic range, attack of the pick is more sensitive and that's all results in greater touch sensitivity and so called "twangy" sound.


  • '808 type overdrive: Harmonics - 3, Mix - 100% (Drive), parameters Gain, Tone, Level.
  • '808 boost overdrive: Harmonics - 2, Mix - 100% (Drive), parameters Gain, Tone, Level - gives less drive, but more dynamics and volume boost.
  • 'SD1 type overdrive: Harmonics - 1, Mix - 100% (Drive), parameters Gain, Tone, Level.
  • Clean Volume Boost: Clean Boost - Flat, Mix - 0% (Clean), parameter Level - a simple volume boost without any tone correction.
  • Clean Mid Boost: Clean Boost - Mid, Mix - 0% (Clean), parameter Level - a midrange boost, great when the sound is muddy and not selective, gives more punch and sharp attack.
  • Clean Treble Boost: Clean Boost - Treble, Mix - 0% (Clean), parameter Level - besides the volume boost brightens the original guitar sound.

When there's need to get more bass in the Overdrive sound, the Mix knob can help. Just set the Clean Boost switch to Flat position and tweak the Mix knob to achieve desired proportions. The natural bass band will appear in the overdrive sound, also the dynamics will increase giving your sound more sensitivity to picking techniques.

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