Hexe Guitar Buffer/Splitter


Hexe (2005)

High quality guitar signal buffer/splitter transforms high output impedance of the guitar pickups into two low impedance outputs. Ultra low noise and low distortion circuit, no electrolytic capacitors in the signal chain makes this device very transparent to the tone. Buffering helps to prevent singal loss and high frequency band loss due to cable capacitances, wrongly designed input of some other devices. Guitar Buffer/Splitter is recommended to use in setups with many pedals, effect processors etc as the first device in the signal chain. It will help to preserv the natural tone of Your guitar and picking techniques.

Two outputs can be used in many ways, in two amp rigs, second out can be used with tuner. With the two Mute switches you can easily mute desired out, f.e. mute the main out for tuning the guitar.

Powering: 9V battery or 9V DC regulated adapter. Current consumption 13mA. This device is fully protected against reversed polarity of the DC power voltage.

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