Henretta Engineering H-Bomb Fuzz


Henretta Engineering

This is the first in a new line of pedals we're rolling out in 2016 - the H-Bomb Fuzz.  It uses aspects of our Purple Octopus octave up and Bluebird fuzz pedals from our small square "no-knob" line. The H-Bomb Fuzz can be nasty and abrasive, but you can still play complex chords without it falling apart. The "fuzz" control adds sustain as you turn it clockwise. The "volume" control allows plenty of boost to push your amp into more saturation. 

The H-Bomb series of pedals feature twisted takes and useful combinations of the stock circuits found in the Henretta Engineering line of small no-knob set-and-forget pedals. Sporting a design that stays true to the simple utilitarian ideals that define the Henretta brand, the H-Bomb pedals come in a more standard pedal enclosure and format with (gasp) actual knobs on the outside. The H-Bomb Fuzz is a nasty, screaming fuzz that combines elements of the Henretta Engineering Bluebird fuzz and Purple Octopus circuits. The Bluebird provides rich harmonic content while the Purple Octopus provides upper octave harmonics, slightly gated attack, and just enough nuance to make it fun while still be musical. The result is a fuzz that will remind you of the classics but interact with your other pedals like a more modern boutique offering.


  • FUZZ: Don’t be fooled; the sound is pretty fuzzy with this rolled fully counter-clockwise. When you turn this control clockwise, the saturation and sustain increases, and the sound takes on a thinner character. At extreme settings, pick attack has a piercing high-register push to make solos jump out of the mix.
  • VOLUME:– There is plenty of boosting room on tap to push your amp into further saturation
  • The footswitch turns the effect on and off, and the blue LED lights up when the effect is active
  • 100% true bypass

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