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The aim was to design a simple "amp 'a' like" pedal for those of us who like to plug in an play instead of messing around with a hundred different settings, as such this pedal only has one control on the outside for volume and one internal pot for biasing the transistors (this will be set to my recommended setting on build). There is an inbuilt 9v filter to cut down on mains hum (a personal pet hate of mine especially on warships as the power is not clean at all) also there is an extra 9v filter to supply filtered power to another pedal via a 2.1mm dc jack should you have another distortion/overdrive or i personally use mine for my compressor. This pedal can not be supplied by a battery due to this feature but on request it would not be a problem for me to omit this and put a battery supply in for those who wish it. This pedal is true bypass as with all my pedals.

It responds like a non master volume amp turn up the volume and up goes the crunch, it responds well to different styles of pick attack if you dig in you get a more heavy rock sound then back off the pick attack and get a more bluesy feel. My own personal preference is to set my amp on the edge of break up and set the volume on "The Demon" to 3 'o'clock.

This was built using a vintage Phillips cap that dates from the early 80's, also used is high quality suntan and box film caps and a Bournes trim pot. The 3pdt stomp switch is of the highest quality as used by more famous boutique pedal brands. I have used high quality grade silicone rubber to ensure that this pedal is durable and none of the major parts will work loose.

The cost of this pedal would be £29.99 + postage, any other extras such as personal enclosure designs would cost more. I say this about all my pedals - they are 100% hand finished as such they do not have a perfect finish but if you want mass produced "perfect" then you should'nt be buying one of my pedals.

Boutique does not mean you should have to re- mortgage your home or sell your car to be able to afford, don't let the price fool you.

I enjoy making these pedals and I hope you enjoy playing them just as much.

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