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Hello Sailor Effects

This is a recreation of the legendary Echoplex's preamp section in the form of a stomp box.

The original has been used by greats such as Jimmy Page to condition their sound.

Everything just sounds fatter with the pedal engaged...

It can be used a number of ways:

  1. as a general boost for solos etc
  2. to drive long lengths of cable to stop loss of highs
  3. at the end of your pedal board to condition your tone to get that much sort after Echoplex sound, this how I use mine and I recommend it to anybody I was amazed at how much this pedal helped the tone of my other pedals! It's easy to forget how good it sounds until you turn it off that is!

This pedal has been point to point hand wired on a military grade turret board using a NOS Mullard mustard cap - vintage parts for vintage tone (vintage parts can be om ited to save cost, there are also different vintage components that can be used).

There are two switches to add an extra boost to either highs or lows respectively, this is also indicated with 2 red LEDs at the top of the pedal, there is also a yellow LED at the bottom of the pedal to indicate when it is on.

As with all my pedals this is true bypass.

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