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Thick crunch, high gain leads, low drive, clean boost, the Memphis Overdrive can do it all…and do it well.  An all-new, original design circuit creates an open natural sounding drive.  In collaboration with Scotty Smith from ProAnalog Devices, we are proud to have designed an overdrive that can cover a lot of ground from warm vintage, to modern high gain.

We designed this overdrive to not only be versatile in its gain structure, but to have a familiar yet unique sound.  Too many overdrives lack low end, or get muddy as the gain is increased.  The Memphis Overdrive keeps a great, warm, low end that stays clean, clear, and thick even at higher gain settings.  Additionally the Memphis Overdrive does not lose any high end as the guitar’s volume is rolled down.  We worked hard and thought out the design to ensure outstanding cleanup, cover a lot of gain ranges, remain warm, and be one of the most touch sensitive pedals we’ve ever played.

The overall tone is open, dynamic and full.  The feel, sustain, harmonics, thickness, and just generally everything about the Memphis Overdrive is outstanding.  We think you’ll agree this is one overdrive that will not leave your board.


  • LEVEL – Controls the output level (aka Volume).

  • TONE – Controls the amount of high end.

  • GAIN – Very interactive with the Drive control.  Both are used to control the amount of gain.  However, the Gain control can be thought of in the same way as “Gain” or “Drive” on a typical 3-knob overdrive.

  • DRIVE – This is the most unique control on the pedal.  As Drive is increased the tone becomes thicker and more low end is introduced. Additionally, more gain is introduced as the Drive is increased.  Along with the Gain control, Drive can be used to really dial in the amount of gain and thickness you want in your tone.


  • Stainless Steel laser etched faceplate,
  • High quality components resulting in solid build quality and unique tone
  • Classy and professional from the inside out.


  • True bypass
  • Center negative (standard boss) 9V power
  • Current draw: 6mA (meaning your 9V battery will last a LONG time)

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