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Lo-Fi revolution in a box. Radio Havana breaks tonal conformity and pronounces a tone reminiscent of a small transistor radio. Tinny with washed frequencies, and very responsive to pickup choices and string manipulation. The center "disorder" knob can be used by willling hands to dial in any amount of clipping decay desired, exposing a characeristic static appeal. This discrete engineered pedal loves to find the odd frequencies and push them to the forefront (especially at higher gain). Perfect for breakdowns and artistic expressions of decay. Exciting applications for less traditional instruments and perfect for that scratchy-throated bass tone. An official cult-classic in the making.

  • Hand-made in Minneapolis Mn. by Musicians
  • Lifetime Warranty, Mods Available for Life
  • Voiced openly for Guitar, Bass or any Instrument
  • True Bypass Switching & Minimum Length Leads
  • PCB Designed, Printed and Populated by H.E.
  • 1 oz. Copper 1/16" Single Point Mounted PCB
  • 24mm Large Size Pots for Reliability
  • Flying Leads to Every Pot and Jack
  • Neutrik or Switchcraft Signal Jacks
  • Metal LED Housing with Flying-Leads
  • 9V 200MA Power for Max Compatibility
  • Powder-Coated Die-Cast Aluminum Case
  • R.O.H.S. parts for lead-free rock and roll
  • Excellent customer service ready to help
  • Inquire for Custom Colors and Graphics

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