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Heavy Electronics

A set it and forget it distortion rock box. The Hwy-77 is designed to simply feed thick and meaty IC distortion into your amp. Simple in function, Level and Gain controls are sensitive and accentuate playing style. No "die-off" as gain is decreased. Rather, lower level gain tone is open and warm. Decadent response to humbuckers and plenty of punch for single coils. Luxurious headroom to aid in recording and driving other pedals and amps. Voiced openly with fantastic response to bass.

Voice knob creates a low-end off with thick and massive low end that slowly rolls back off and reveals screaming highs and mids.

Multiple Op-Amp chips will soon be available to try in this circuit contact us for more info.

Sounds even better coming off a wall of 4x12s.

  • Hand-made in Minneapolis Mn. by Musicians
  • 5 yr. Warranty, Repairs and Mods Available for Life
  • Voiced openly for Guitar, Bass or any Instrument
  • True Bypass Switching & Minimum Length Leads
  • PCB Designed, Printed and Populated by H.E.
  • 1 oz. Copper 1/16" Single Point Mounted PCB
  • 24mm Large Size Pots for Reliability
  • Flying Leads to Every Pot and Jack
  • Neutrik or Switchcraft Signal Jacks
  • Metal LED Housing with Flying Leads
  • 9V 200MA Power for Max Compatibility
  • Powder-Coated Die-Cast Aluminum Case
  • Excellent customer service ready to help
  • Inquire for Custom Colors and Graphics

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