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Haunted Labs

Paranormal Fuzz - Filtered Fuzz

The first and soon-to-be sought after Haunted Labs pedal is out now! The Paranormal Fuzz is a custom designed high gain fuzz pedal with a unique blend of silicon transistors producing a super sick low end and sparkling highs. Only three knobs? Trust me - you couldn't handle four on this baby! Aside from the Volume knob, there is a Filter knob, an unrivaled band pass filter that will twist your tone into an unmistakable fury of super smooth, magnificent sustain. As well, the Fuzz knob can take you from a subtle growl to, when cranked up, propelling you into a paranormal dimension of killer fuzz chaos! It's big boy time... get your Paranormal Fuzz today!

Note: These pedals are 100% hand soldered, powder coated and screen printed. Therefore every single one will slightly vary in visual quality. True boutique and keeping it real with you.*

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