Hartman SFZ Two-stage Hybrid Fuzz




  • Vol
  • Fuzz
  • (footswitch)


  • Vol
  • Fuzz
  • (footswitch)


the press release (December 1, 2009) about the updated SFZ

Hartman Electronics has updated its SFZ Dual-stage Hybrid Fuzz pedal to include external 18VDC power capability. Users can run the pedal using (2) 9V batteries or via 18VDC external power.

“External power was our most frequently requested mod,” says owner Theo Hartman. “Designing the supply for a fuzz pedal with both types of transistor in it required a non-standard approach. We wanted to give people the option to use an external power supply but we also wanted to preserve the direct connection between the batteries and the fuzz circuitry. Battery characteristics form a big part of some players' fuzz tone, it wouldn't be fair to take that away for the sake of convenience. I'm happy to say we've found a way to do both without having to add any additional switches or controls.”

Hartman has also made bias control--previously available as an add-on option--standard in the SFZ. All pedals now ship standard with individual, dedicated bias controls for both the Silicon and Germanium fuzz stages.

The Hartman SFZ contains two versions of the classic Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face circuit together in a single pedal. Each pedal is assembled using measured and auditioned pairs of N.O.S. (new old-stock) Germanium and Silicon BC108 transistors.

Hartman SFZ pedals are transistor-matched and assembled to order in the USA.

  • 100% hand wired, bench tested and auditioned prior to shipping
  • Mil-spec plated-thru-hole printed circuit board (PCB) construction
  • Genuine NOS Germanium and Silicon BC108 transistors pre-screened and selected for gain, low leakage, and thermal stability.
  • Ultra-quiet 1% metal film resistors and polyester film capacitors.
  • Heavy duty true-bypass switching.
  • External 18vdc or internal (dual) 9v battery supply. Mix and match carbon and alkaline batteries!
  • Metallic Silver powder-coated heavy-duty die-cast aluminum enclosure.
  • Ships with (2) new carbon-zinc 9v batteries

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