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The Virgin Blue™ is an overdrive that doesn't act like a limiter.

Unlike most overdrive pedals, the Virgin Blue™ doesn't act like a limiter. A Limiter prevents your signal from getting above a certain fixed volume level, so lower level inputs and higher level inputs all come out at the same level. The Virgin Blue™ adds distortion to both low and high level signals without forcing them all to the same level. It lets you get great tone without losing the expression in your playing, and leaves a fuller, more life-like, more present sound.

The knobs on the Virgin Blue™ are:

  • VOLUME: Adjusts the output volume. With Dynamics maxed, the output can go above 5v p-p, so feel free to roll back on the Volume. Or not.
  • GAIN: Adjusts the Gain of the input amplifier. If you're using high output pickups or humbuckers, keep Gain in the mid to low range for the best dynamic response.
  • DYNAMICS: Adjusts how much of your dynamics comes through. At zero (fully counter-clockwise), it's a fully limiting distortion—the usual thing. (Of course, it's still a great-sounding overdrive.) Turn the Dynamics knob clockwise and it lets more expression comes through, while still providing distortion for low and high level signals. At ten (fully clockwise), it's at minimum compression to let the dynamics of your guitar come through, while still adding the dirt to low and high signals.

The Virgin Blue™ is all analog and assembled by hand in the USA with Switchcraft™ jacks, Carling™ stomp switch, Hammond™ diecast aluminum enclosure and full-size (24mm) Alpha™ pots. It features chip‑ and crack-resistant full-color graphics and true bypass. It's designed with star grounding and one-point enclosure-to-ground connection for reduced noise operation. (Keep in mind that any high-gain pedal is going to boost noise generated in your guitar.) Ships with a fresh Duracell™ 9v battery installed. The 9v DC pin-negative power jack fits the usual 2.1mm id 5.5mm od plugs.

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