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Happy Snake

The Lucifuzz™ goes beyond ordinary square fuzz pedals. It literally puts horns on your signal.

The knobs on the Lucifuzz™ are:

  • VOLUME: Adjusts the output volume.
  • GAIN: Adjusts how hard your input will hit the distortion stages of the pedal. There's plenty of gain on tap here. You'll find great sounds at high gain and great sounds at low gain.
  • HORNS: Adjusts the ratio of horn height to the body of the signal. Again, you'll find great sounds at high settings and great sounds at low settings.

There's a sweet spot in the top half of the range for HORNS where the body of the signal is squelched out entirely during loud play. (See the “Horns on High” figure above and hear the “Psychoacoustic Nightmare” sample below.) The fundamental frequencies then return as a chord decays. Under the right conditions, it'll make you feel like your head is going to explode.

The Lucifuzz™ uses a new proprietary circuit (patent pending)

to make sounds you won't hear anywhere else.

The Lucifuzz™ is all analog and assembled by hand in the USA with Switchcraft™ jacks, Carling™ stomp switch, Hammond™ diecast aluminum enclosure and full-size (24mm) Alpha™ pots. It features chip- and crack-resistant full-color graphics and true bypass. It's designed with star grounding and one-point enclosure-to-ground connection for reduced noise operation. (Keep in mind that any high-gain pedal is going to boost noise generated in your guitar.) Ships with a fresh Duracell™ 9v battery installed. The 9v DC pin-negative power jack fits the usual 2.1mm id 5.5mm od plugs.

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