HAO RR-1 Rust Ride - Bass Driver


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HAO's first and only bass driver unit, Rust Ride was born to give bass players a blistering overdrive without losing low-end and note clarity. With a preset 3-position EQ switch (Normal, Bright, Warm), Rust Ride offers a lot of tonal options. Also, Passive and Active inputs allow you to operate Rust Ride with any type of bass pickups while individual Direct and Effect outputs allow a routing of clean bass tone to a tuner P.A., or a second amplifier for blending dry and effect signals. Using Rust Ride with a guitar reveals the whole new dimension of the pedal with tight low-end and high octane overdrive/distortion.


myFXDB user reviews

1 review, average score of 6 / 10

2015-12-076/10  No low end loss. Smooth sounding. Easy operation. Both dry & effect outputs. Both passive & active inputs. Well built.Only 1 pot for Vol, no variable gain for distortion level. No tone or EQ, only a 3 way toggle for different EQ curves.

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  • Input Impedance
    Approx. 500K-ohm
  • Output Impedance
    Approx. 100K-ohm
  • Size
    121(L) x 86(W) x 36(H) mm (excluding knob, switches, and jacks)
  • Weight
    Approx. 330g (including a 9V battery)

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