HAO Bass Liner - Bass 5-Band EQ Preamp


Godlyke (HAO distributor) press release (August 8, 2012)

Godlyke announces release of HAO Bass Liner preamp/EQ

From HAO Premium Workshop in Japan comes the new standard in outboard Bass Preamps – the HAO Bass Liner. Co-designed by Phil Jones of Phil Jones Bass, the Bass Liner offers all the features that the working bassist needs in a compact, intuitive package.

The Bass Liner’s simple-yet-effective user interface invites precise tone-tweaking that’s equally at home on stage or in the studio. The Bass Liner is ideal for use with Powered speaker cabinets and can even be run direct into a P.A. or mixing console.

Bass Liner features include:

  • Circuit designed by legendary audio engineer Phil Jones of Phil Jones Bass.
  • Level Control offers up to +10 dB of signal boost.
  • Input Gain Control allows optimization for use with any instrument or electronics.
  • Red Clipping Indicator LED
  • Hi-Fidelity, wide-dynamic range 5-band EQ with +/- 18 dB at 50 Hz, 160 Hz, 630 Hz, 2.5 kHz, and 12 kHz.
  • 9-volt Battery or AC adaptor power options.
  • Optional 18-volt operation improves dynamic range and headroom.
  • Mechanical True Bypass switching
  • Mute switch with Mute Status LED
  • Secondary Direct Output jack to connect to tuner or other external devices
  • Unique Aurora-Blue high-reflective finish.
  • Blue hi-luminosity status LED
  • MSRP: $399, Street Price: $349

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