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Saitama/Japan - Zurich/Switzerland, March 8, 2010


“Handwired-Effects” is proud to announce the VTR-1 VINTAGE TREMOLO. VTR-1 was designed to re-create the natural smooth swing of the tremolo-equipped tube amps from the 50's and 60's. This pedal is sine wave based and offers slow pulse-like throbs to deep hypnotic vibrato without producing distortion even when hitting the strings hard.

VTR-1 features Depth knob for setting the intensity of the effect, and two Speed knobs that work independently for providing the ability to have great contrast between two different speed settings. The additional footswitch lets you easily switch back and forth between the settings, which is not only effective when your music needs two different tremolo speeds, but also very useful in live situations where no hands are free. Simply put, it is two tremolo pedals in one, ideal for the studio and essential for live performance.

Thanks to its carefully handwired analog signal path, the VTR-1 works great with both clean and dirty channels, and the sound is creamy and responsive. Like all the other Handwired-Effects pedals, the VTR-1 features mechanical true bypass switching for direct and unchanged signal in bypass mode and can be run on a 9V battery or optional power supply.

If you require the clearest, warmest and most natural-sounding classic tremolo/vibrato effect without compromising your guitar tone, the VTR-1 is quite possibly the only choice.


  • Re-creates 50's and 60's Tube Amp Tremolo Effects
  • Extremely Warm Sounding
  • All Analog Circuitry
  • True Bypass
  • Controls for Speed 1, Speed 2 and Depth
  • Additional Footswitch to Select Speed 1 or Speed 2
  • Alpha Pots with Metal Shafts
  • LED for On/Off and Speed 1/2
  • Runs on the DC Power Supply (DC 9V / 20 mA)
  • Heavy Duty, Well-Shielded Casing
  • Handcrafted and Handwired in Switzerland by Markus Goetsch
  • Sound Design and Innovation by Jay Winkler & Markus Goetsch
  • Dimensions: 90 mm (W) x 120 mm (D) x 35 mm (H)
  • Strictly Limited Edition
  • Retail Price EUR 260,- (excl. VAT)
  • 1 Year Guarantee

The VTR-1 VINTAGE TREMOLO is now available for pre-order for 260 Euro.

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