Handwired-Effects GTB-1 Germanium Treble Booster




Classic Overdrive Sound & Tone

This modern version of a preamp overdrive is best suited for boosting a clean or dirty tube amp.

The GTB-1 GERMANIUM TREBLE BOOSTER has been specifically designed for single coil and humbucking pickups with a relatively low inductance, such as pickups in classic Stratocaster or PAF humbuckers. On these pickups, the GTB-1 produces a biting and penetrating sound, minus any shrill characteristics.

No flashy features, but this pedal is made to deliver pure sound that remains transparent and expressive even at the maximum gain without producing undesired boomy lows and harsh highs. The GTB-1 is best suited for solo play due to its high boost level.

The GTB-1 fits perfectly all kinds of music, where a characteristic tone is essential, and its rich, noble tone provides guitarists with a great versatility. Another top feature of the GTB-1 is the unbelievable dynamics and headroom. If you primarily use the volume control on the guitar to play with your sound, this pedal will be your best friend.

The GTB-1 is a booster specially tailored to meet the needs of experienced, skilled guitarists.

All the electronic parts are hand selected for their intrinsic sound quality and long-term reliability. Short signal paths guarantee a fast signal processing and the highest dynamics. Uncompromising quality of our circuitry is complmented with high-quality mechanical parts and components.


  • Signal Processing Like Best Tube Amps
  • True Bypass
  • Garret Pots with Metal Shafts
  • Status LED for Battery Check
  • Runs on the DC Power Supply (DC 9V / 200 mA)
  • Selected Condenser, Resistance, IC and Transistors
  • Heavy Duty, Well-Shielded Casing
  • Full Control with Guitar Volume
  • Totally Handcrafted in Tokyo/Japan
  • 1 Year Guarantee

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