Handwired-Effects DLC-1 Dario Lorina Custom Overdrive




Modern Custom Tube Tone

Strictly limited to 50 pieces, this assertive up-to-date version of a preamp overdrive is suited excellently well as a modern booster for tube amplifiers, but works also just as great with transistor amps.

DLC-1 DARIO LORINA CUSTOM is built on accurate specifications and in close co-operation with its eponym, Dario Lorina, a young guitar sensation from the USA, on the base of our handwired vintage Tube Screamer clone. Dario wanted creamier mid and more punch in the low-end. The result is a particularly noble boutique pedal, built by using deluxe components and assemblies. We only used premium vintage wires, tracked down in specialist shops in Tokyo. This legitimates a strict limitation.

DLC-1 has all the characteristics of the vintage Tube Screamers, but goes one step ahead. Roughly speaking: "This one goes to eleven!" DLC-1 masters warm, harmonic overdrive completely on its own. Its fascinating rich and creamy sound brings out the best in every tube or transistor amplifier and works in a very smooth way.

DLC-1 is suitable for all kinds of pickups: classic strat, PAF-equipped guitars, active pickups and draws best power out of any combination and even goes beyond, becoming a creative force for guitar players.

No flashy features, but this pedal is made to deliver pure sound that remains transparent and expressive even at the maximum gain without producing undesired boomy lows and harsh highs. There is absolutely no loss of low end, which is usually a critical point in a lot of other overdrive pedals. The DLC-1 is best suited for solo boost due to its high gain nature.

DLC-1 will attract interest wherever there is a need for a unique sound with strong character. This warm, harmonic tone will satisfiy the demand from guitarists of any kind. An incredibly dynamic response is a further feature which characterizes all “Handwired-Effects” products - and the word has been spread widely in the industry by now. If you primarily control your sound using the volume knob on the guitar, you will love the DLC-1.


  • Layout Design by Dario Lorina
  • True Bypass
  • Signal Processing Like Best Tube Amps
  • Noble Vintage Wiring
  • Garret Pots with Metal Shafts
  • Green LED for On/Off
  • Runs on the DC Power Supply (DC 9V / 200 mA)
  • Hand-Selected Condenser, Resistance, IC and Transistors
  • Heavy Duty, Well-Shielded Casing
  • Full Control with Guitar Volume
  • Totally Handcrafted in Tokyo/Japan
  • Dimensions: 90 mm (W) x 115 mm (D) x 35 mm (H)
  • Strictly Limited Edition
  • 1 Year Guarantee

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