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Hammond USA's new Leslie G pedal, intended for guitar use but not limited to that instrument, has a smaller footprint than the original Digital Leslie Pedal to facilitate an easier fit into guitarist pedalboards while retaining many of its features, at a lower price.

The "G" features three classic hot-rodded cabinet styles for the player to choose. A rotary pot allows the simultaneous adjustment of the rise and fall times (or "ramp") of the virtual upper and lower rotors. Distance of the virtual microphone is optimized for each cabinet's model, as is the "mix" of upper and lower levels. Overdrive is also optimized for each cabinet selected.

The new Wet control determines the volume of the effected sound sent to the output, while Dry permits the straight or unaffected sound of the guitar or instrument attached and blended with the effected tone, when more clarity is desired.

The Red Line control provides precise adjustment of the overall "fast" speed of the virtual rotors. Also new, a user-defined preset can be stored and recalled by the cabinet selector.

One stomp switch toggles the effect on/off; another controls the slow/fast speed of the Leslie effect. When the effect is "off" the input is true bypass. TRS 1/4" input jack accepts mono or stereo signal. Left and right stereo output jacks.

MAP $299.

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