Hall and Collins


    Run by Charlie Hall and John Collins.

    Charlie Hall, based near Cambridge in the UK, is a guitarist and audio electronics designer with over 50 years of experience in both fields. Charlie started writing echo patches for various digital effects units in 1994. He has supplied echo patches to Hank Marvin and to Peter Frampton for use during recording and live performances. Charlie also worked on, and finalised the design of, a signature guitar amplifier for Hank Marvin.

    In New South Wales, Australia, John Collins began a lifelong involvement with guitars and music at age 12. He played guitar and bass with bands throughout his teens and 20s. John also developed an early interest in electronics, and some of his first construction projects were guitar related – “fuzz boxes” “wah-wah pedals” etc. He completed a Diploma in Electronics and has had a long career as a Technical Specialist, maintaining Telecommunications equipment for Telstra (Telecom Australia). As the digital age progressed, he took a keen interest in programming and digital circuit design, and some of his projects started using microprocessors and digital audio techniques. John learnt of Charlie’s web forum from a friend, and it was this chance encounter that rekindled an interest in the guitar sound obtained from the old Echo units. Shortly after this, he started experimenting with some basic digital circuits in an effort to replicate some of those old echo patterns.


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