Guyatone RTE-3000 Tape Echo


Guyatone (2001-2006)

It seems that nowadays every manufacturer is boasting how authentic-sounding their digital modeling units are - But why settle for digital models when you can have the real thing?

The RTE-3000 Guyatone Tape Echo is the real deal - an actual magnetic tape echo like the legendary units from the past. The RTE-3000 offers all the warmth and clarity of tone as those vintage tape echo units, with the addition of several modern features that add to it's reliability and ease of use.

Unlike any other current production or vintage Tape Echo, the RTE-3000 features a proprietary motor-shut off circuit: At zero input signal the unit's motor shuts down, preserving tape life and motor life dramatically.

In fact, it's only necessary to replace the RTE-3000's tape loop once every five years, which means less time in the shop and more time on the stage or in the studio! If you want models, go to a hobby shop. If you absolutely must have the real thing, then there's only one solution - the Guyatone RTE-3000!

The RTE-3000 features:

  • Vintage-style VU input meter
  • Dual Inputs w/multiple pad settings for use with a variety of input signals (guitar, microphone, etc.)
  • Stereo outputs
  • 70-800 mS delay time (6 switchable delay-type settings)
  • Multiple tape heads for irregular, multi-tap delay effects (double & triple Ping-Pong delays)
  • High-quality adjustable Ampex brand tape-loop
  • Input Volume, Echo Volume, Delay Time, Delay Repeat, and Output Volume controls
  • Echo Tone switch for darker "vintage" tone or brighter modern tone
  • Footswitchable "on/off"
  • Direct bypass switch for "echo only" output
  • 3 year limited warranty

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