Guyatone VTm5 Veri Trem


Guyatone USA

The new Veri-Trem expands on the sounds of Guyatone's popular VT-3, taking vintage tremolo tones to an all-new level. Boasting a lower noise floor thanks to improved component quality, the VTm5 also offers an adjustable output level for the effect. Now the user can adjust the tremolo level to their taste, from unity gain up to a 6 dB boost.

The VTm5 also features selectable sine, triangle, or square oscillator waveforms, allowing a wider variety of tremolo effects from extremely subtle pulses to extreme helicopter chop. Any of these sounds can be further sculpted using the VTm5's new hi-frequency roll-off control, allowing a palette ranging from bright stabs to shadowy throbs.

The VTm5 offers a wide selection of classic and modern tremolo tones in an ultra-compact, space-saving design.


  • LEVEL: Adjusts output level when effect is engaged. At 12 o'clock, level is roughly equal with bypassed signal. At 5 o'clock (full), level is roughly 6 dB louder than bypass signal.
  • INTENSITY: Adjusts Depth (intensity) of tremolo effect. Turn clockwise to increase effect intensity.
  • SPEED: Adjusts Speed of tremolo effect. Turn clockwise to increase speed.
  • WAVE SWITCH: Selects from three different wave shapes for various tremolo effects.
    • Sin: Sine Wave
    • Tri: Triangle Wave
    • Sq: Square Wave

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