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A new take on the classic three-transistor fuzz circuit, the TZm5 Torrid Fuzz was designed by notable Japanese engineer Toshi Torii of HAO fame.

The Torrid Fuzz offers a variety of wild and wooly tones that can emulate many classic fuzz pedals or create all-new fuzz effects. Level and Depth controls vary the output and degree of distortion while Tone controls a hi-cut filter. +/- Phase control allows for additional tuning of the fuzz effect, while the Attenuator control allows the TZm5 to be optimized for single coils or humbuckers.

From classic Fuzz-in-your-Face spit to nu-rock shock, the TZm5 packs a plethora of fuzz effects into a pint-sized package!


  • LEVEL: Adjusts output level when effect is engaged. Turn clockwise to increase output volume.
  • TONE: Adjusts tone of effect. Turn counter-clockwise to cut high frequency.
  • DEPTH: Adjusts strength of distortion. Turn clockwise for increase distortion.
  • PHASE: Adjusts phase of output signal:
  • ATTENUATOR: Selects proper input sensitivity against output level from connected instruments. Standard setting is at MAX position, turning counterclockwise to reduce input signal if sound is distorted due to high input signal.

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