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An improved version of our popular SV-2 envelope-controlled volume effect, the SVm5 features additional controls that allow the user to fine-tune the effect to their playing style.

Threshold adjusts the input level needed to trigger the effect while Rising adjusts the upward volume swell from abrupt chop to slow, smooth rise. New Release control adjusts the time between zero effect and zero volume, improving tracking and allowing for tighter triggering of the effect. Input Attenuator switch adjusts for varying input signal levels.

The SVm5 can be used to create violin-like lead lines, bowing effects, whale-songs, tape-reverse simulation, and a variety of other special effects. Combine it with wah, delay, and compression and distortion to create all-new sounds limited only by your imagination!


  • LEVEL: Adjusts output level when pedal is engaged. Turn clockwise to increase output volume.
  • THRESHOLD: Adjusts the effect sensitivity to input signal level. Turn counter-clockwise for more sensitive response at lower input level (soft picking). Turn clockwise for response only at high input level (hard picking).
  • RISING: Adjusts the Rising time of input signal from Zero to level set by the Level control. Turn Clockwise to increase rising time. The range of the rising time is between 100 mSec - 4,000 mSec. However, actual rising time will differ by input level, equipment, and playing style.
  • ATTENUATOR: Selects proper input sensitivity against output level from connected instruments. Standard setting is at 1, but select setting 2 or 3 when sounds is distorted because input signal is too high. Larger number indicates higher input signal.
  • RELEASE: Adjusts the release time between zero input signal (mute) and zero output from effect. Turn clockwise to increase Release time. A longer release time setting when playing fast phrases will prevent the effect from triggering.

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