Guyatone STm5 Comp/Sustainer



Guyatone USA

The STm5 takes the core circuit of our popular ST-2 Micro Compressor and ups the ante with a variety of new features that make it even more versatile than before.

Based around a current-production 3080 Op-Amp, the STm5 can emulate the tones of the most sought-after vintage compressors with lower noise and greater transparency. Level and Sustain controls adjust the output and degree of compression from subtle to severe while an Attack control offers a variety of dynamic options, from spongy sag to surgical slice.

The STm5's Color control opens up an additional tonal palette to the user, allowing adjustment of the pedal's EQ to suit different playing styles and needs. An input attenuator allows the STm5 to be optimized for use with single coils or humbuckers for even greater flexibility.

Powerful yet portable, the STm5 puts professional-quality compression in the palm of your hand.


  • LEVEL: Adjusts output level when pedal is engaged. Turn clockwise to increase Output volume.
  • USTAIN: Adjusts degree of Compression effect. Turn clockwise to increase sustain.
  • ATTACK: Adjusts Attack feel (impression) while compression is activated. Turn clockwise to weaken attack feel and emphasize sustain. Turn counterclockwise to weaken sustain and emphasize initial pick attack.
  • COLOR SWITCH: Selects from three kinds of tonal character modes:
    1. BRIGHT: Hi boost
    2. STANDARD: No adjustment
    3. SOFT: Hi cut
  • INPUT ATTENUATOR: Selects proper input sensitivity against output level from connected instruments. Standard setting is MAX position. Turn clockwise to reduce input signal when sound is distorted due to high input signals.

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