Guyatone MOm5 Micro Octaver



  • Oct. 1
  • Dry
  • Oct. 2
  • Filter Off/F1/F2 (slide switch)
  • Input Att.


Guyatone USA

Guyatone's MO-3 Micro Octaver became a sleeper hit among experimental music and noise enthusiasts due to its unrefined tonality and erratic tracking. The MOm5 takes the basic functions of the MO-3 and fine tunes them into a more usable, stable pedal that captures the analog octave tones of some of the world's classic octave dividers.

Featuring One- and Two Octaves down voices along with Dry Blend, the MOm5 also has a 3-way Filter switch that selects between a fuzzy, square wave octave tone, a milder sine wave, and a deep organ tone. The Input Attenuator is essential in controlling the note-tracking of the pedal's octave voices, allowing the user to fine-tune performance to the specific guitar or bass being used.


  • OCT-1: Controls output level of 1-octave down effect. Turn clockwise to increase Effect level.
  • DRY: Controls output level of Dry (unaffected input) signal. Turn clockwise to increase Dry level.
  • OCT-2: Controls output level of 2-octave down effect. Turn clockwise to increase Effect level.
  • FILTER SHIFT SWITCH: Shift the tonal character of Oct-1 and Oct-2 voices:
    • Off: Filter is Bypass (most distorted)
    • 1: Decreases the Hi-frequency range (smoother tone)
    • 2: Further decreases the Hi-Frequency range (organ tone)
  • INPUT ATTENUATOR: Selects proper input sensitivity against output level from connected instruments. Turn counterclockwise to emphasize a low sensitivity; it supports a low input signal. Turn counterclockwise to reduce input signal when sound is distorted due to high input signals. By regulating input sensitivity, tracking of MOm5 can be optimized to instrument used.

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