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Boasting the warm, lush chorusing of our original MC-3, the MCm5 Micro Chorus offers advanced control options for a wider variety of sounds. Based around the now-defunct Panasonic MN3207 Bucket Brigade IC, the MCm5 circuit offers the ultimate analog tone in an ultra-compact package.

New features of the MCm5 include a Level control that adjusts the output from unity gain to subtle boost. An Effect Level trimmer also offers adjustment of effect vs. dry signal - great for creating subtle doubling and spacial effects rather than the usual seasick, wobbly chorus sound.

Just in case you dig that wobble, the MCm5 offers three different oscillator waveforms that can create many new chorusing effects, including a unique square wave vibrato setting that will have the audience heaving over the side rail.

The MCm5 Micro Chorus - breathing new life into the most over-used effect of the 80's!


  • LEVEL: Adjusts output Volume when effect is engaged. Turn clockwise to increase output volume.
  • DEPTH: Adjusts Depth of chorus effect. Turn clockwise to deepen swell.
  • RATE: Adjusts Speed of Chorus effect. Turn clockwise to speed up swell.
  • WAVE SWITCH: Select from three kinds of Wave types, for different chorus effect.
    • SIN: SineWave
    • TRI: Triangle Wave
    • SQR: Square Wave
  • EFFECT LEVEL: Adjusts strength of Chorus effect. Turn clockwise to emphasize Chorus effect.

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