Guyatone HXm5 Heat Exchanger


Guyatone Mighty Micro series

An innovative pedal that offers a variety of overdrive modes with increased headroom and improved dynamic response.

The guyatone HXm5 Heat Exchanger Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal uses a proprietary impedance-matching ABS “Active Bypass” circuit that reproduces your guitar tone with stunning accuracy. A Bypass Volume control allows HEX to operate as a pre-amp to drive your signal chain doubling the effects utility. Internal 24-volt operation allows for increased headroom and improved dynamic response making your signal the best it can be. There are three modes of operation including asymmetrical clipping that allow for a wild variety of tones from mild boost to classic distortion. Special conductive paint coating is used to improve the electrical shield and reduce noise for the rest of your effects.


  • Proprietary impedance-matching ABS “Active Bypass” circuit
  • Bypass mode includes pre-amp only operation
  • Increased headroom and improved dynamic response
  • Three overdrive modes for a variety of tones

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