Guyatone HDm5 Hot Drive


Guyatone USA

The HDm5 Hot Drive provides the maximum distortion available in a stompbox while still retaining note clarity. An improved version of the HD-3, the HDm5 adds the ability to adjust the degree of distortion as well as input Gain for great control over the degree and response of the distortion.

The HDm5 allows you to easily create rich, singing harmonic feedback and can make your combo amp sound like a stack. It's brutal yet articulate tone makes the HD-3 perfect for use on Bass or Vocals as well as Guitar. Go beyond full-drive amp distortion and make your sound sizzle with the Hot Drive!


  • LEVEL: Adjusts output level when effect is engaged. Turn clockwise to increase volume.
  • TONE: Adjusts Tone when effect is activated. Turn counter-clockwise to cut high-frequency (hi-cut).
  • DRIVE: Adjusts Distortion level when effect is activated. Turn clockwise to increase Distortion.
  • MODE SWITCH: Select from three kinds of Drive mode, which adjust the frequency of the High-Cut Tone filter.
    • MODE 1: Bright Drive: Silky, yet Bright drive sound.
    • MODE 2: Edge Drive: Bite, coarse trebly sound (different type of distortion from MODE 1).
    • MODE 3: Deep Drive: Deep and dark sound. (High cut of MODE 2).
  • SENSITIVITY: Adjusts Input Sensitivity. Turn clockwise to increase Gain.

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