Guyatone CBm5 Cool Booster



Guyatone USA

An updated version of our popular CB-3, the CBm5 Cool Booster offers a wide variety of useful boost functions in an extremely compact footprint.

The CBm5's Level and Boost controls allow the user to adjust the degree of level boost and distortion to exacting degrees. Boost solo passages, or distort an input signal while maintaining unity gain with the bypassed sound. The CBm5's dual mode switch alternates between clean and dirty boost sounds, the latter of which can be further tailored using the unit's Input Attenuator control. The CBm5's versatile Low-Boost/Hi-Boost Tone circuit allows the CBm5 to work equally well with Guitar or Bass.

Whatever music you play, keep it cool (and loud) with the CBm5 Cool Booster!


  • LEVEL: Adjusts output level when effect is engaged. Turn clockwise to increase volume.
  • TONE: Adjusts Tone when effect is activated. Turn clockwise to boost high-frequency, turn counter-clockwise to boost low frequencies (low-boost, hi-boost).
  • BOOST: Adjusts Boost level when effect is engaged. Turn clockwise to increase Boost.
  • MODE: Selects Boost mode
    • A: Clean Boost: Silky, yet Bright drive sound.
    • B: Crunch Sound (influenced by input level)
  • INPUT ATTENUATOR: Selects proper input sensitivity against output level from connected instruments. Standard setting is at MAX position. Turn counterclockwise to reduce input signal when sound is distorted due to high input signals. By regulating input sensitivity, a wide variety of tonal characters can be achieved.

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