Guyatone VT3 Vintage Tremolo


  • Intensity
    controls the depth/amplitude of the LFO waves that control the volume
  • Speed
    controls the speed/rate of the LFO waves that control the volume



Many of the classic tremolo tones of the 50's and 60's were produced using tube amps with built-in tremolos. Yet for some reason as time passed and technology advanced these incredibly simple, great-sounding circuits that provided such warm, choppy tremolo fell by the wayside and were forgotten.

Just what is tremolo? The term is often used incorrectly, such as when referring to a Guitar's whammy bar as a "tremolo." By definition, tremolo is amplitude modulation at a variable frequency. In English this means that the volume of a signal is increased and decreased at a specific rate. Now you can see why a Guitar's whammy bar is more correctly referred to as a "vibrato."

So why is it so hard to make a great-sounding tremolo? If we told you that, you wouldn't need us! However, if you absolutely must have a great-sounding tremolo, look no further than the Guyatone VT-3 Vintage Tremolo. The VT-3 lives up to its name, offering all the tight, pulsing tones that defined the classic tremolo sounds of years gone by. Developed after careful analysis of vintage amplifier tremolo circuits, the VT-3 offers a sine-wave tremolo that absolutely nails the sound of a vintage amp. Speed and Intensity controls allow the user to alter the effect from a painfully slow, barely audible dip to light-speed, shimmering stabs. The VT3's healthy level boost insures that your performance won't go unnoticed, a problem common with other units.

The VT-3 Vintage Tremolo - vintage tones without the vintage hassles!

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  • Input Impedance
    470K ohm
  • Output Impedance
    1k ohm
  • Max Input Level
  • Speed Frequency
    0.1 - 10Hz
  • Power Voltage
    DC9V (Battery) / DC9 V (AC Adaptor DC9V/200 mA (Center -/Sleeve +))
  • Current Consumption
    10 mA
  • Dimensions
    2.75" W x 3.875" L x 1.5" H
  • Weight (w/o battery)
    7.6 oz

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