Guyatone FL3 Flanger


  • Rate
    controls the speed/rate of the LFO wave that controls the flanger
  • Depth
    controls the depth/amplitude of the LFO wave that controls the flanger
  • Resonance 1/2/3
    switches between 3 settings of resonance/feedback



Flanging first came into popularity in the 1960's. The effect was produced by slowing down playback of a recorded track by dragging a finger against the tape-reel "flange" to delay the signal. When this altered track was played back against the original the resulting peaks and notches in the frequency spectrum produced the signature "swoosh" we now know so well. Later the effect was duplicated using analog bucket brigade IC's and now, of course, with digital electronics. However, nothing has quite captured the sound of those old tape reels being slowed down and sped up.

Nothing until the Guyatone Fl-3 Flanger, that is. With a circuit based around the Panasonic MN3207 analog IC chip (now out of production), the FL-3 offers all the warmth and range of the original tape flanging effects without the need for multi-track tape machines. In addition the FL-3 offers an interesting twist: An asymmetrical sweep pattern that adds a more "human" feel to the flanging effect. The FL-3's sweep speed is slower going up to the peak frequency and faster coming off, giving it a slightly uneven, "whiplash" type effect unlike any other Flanger pedal.

The FL-3 also has a 3-position Resonance switch that adjusts the intensity of the flanging effect. In Position I rich chorus and vibrato effects can be attained by adjusting the Rate and Depth controls. Position II provides a warm, full-bandwidth flange while position 3 offers the radical, thick, jet-like sweeps that made this effect famous.

If you've been searching for unique new sounds, the FL-3 offers some new twists on an old favorite.


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