Guyatone FZ-2000 Fuzz


  • Volume
    controls the output volume
  • Drive
    controls the amount of fuzz
  • Bright/Normal



When Guyatone first set out to create the ultimate fuzz pedal, they looked to the past for inspiration. Thus, the Fuzz 2000's circuit design was based on the most famous units of yesteryear, most notably the legendary Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face. However, while researching these vintage units Guyatone discovered some flaws in their designs. So, rather than simply "cloning" these vintage pieces, Guyatone set about to solve the problems and deliver the perfect fuzz.

So what were the problems? Most of the classic fuzz units of the 60's used germanium transistors to produce their distinct, bottom-heavy, dynamically responsive tone. Unfortunately, germaniums have two inherent problems that make circuits designed around them unstable. First, they have very large tolerance ranges, making the sound of pedals using them vary widely from unit to unit. Second, germaniums are extremely temperature sensitive, which means that the same unit can sound entirely different from day to day or even hour to hour.

The answer that manufacturers came up with in the 80's was to design circuits with more stable components that clipped in the high-frequency ranges. However, with the increased high frequency distortion, they had a tendency to mask the original guitar tone. With all this information at hand, Guyatone designed the Fuzz 2000 based on the original circuits, but used FET's in place of the more unstable germaniums. This design allows the FZ2K to realize both the "low frequency" fuzz of vintage units as well as the "high frequency" fuzz of later designs, all the while retaining the dynamic responsiveness and transparency of tone that guitarists require from a fuzz.

By varying the position of the Fuzz 2000's Drive knob, a variety of fuzz effects can be obtained.

The Fuzz 2000 is assembled using the highest quality components and features a 1/16" bent steel chassis, easy-access battery compartment, LED effect indicator, and true bypass switching.

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