Guyatone VT-X Vintage Tremolo


  • Speed
    controls the speed/rate of the LFO waves that control the volume
  • Intensity
    controls the depth/amplitude of the LFO waves that control the volume
  • Tone
    controls the tone (bass/treble?)
  • Slow/Fast
    selects a speed range
  • Normal/Emphasis



The first offering in the Guyatone Flip series is the VT-X Vintage Tremolo. Created from painstaking analysis of vintage tube amplifiers, the VT-X stands up against the best tremolo circuits of yesteryear and in many ways surpasses them.

Housed in a rugged-yet-portable, 1/16"-thick steel chassis, the VT-X is built to handle a lifetime of use and abuse. The single, shock-mounted 12AX7WA draws power from an external 12V DC power adapter, eliminating transformer hum and grounding problems which can lead to excessive noise levels. Effect LED indicator and electronic silent switching make the VT-X ideal for live or studio performance.

Yet where the VT-X truly shines is in its tone. Warm, thick, throbbing tremolo that solid-state circuits just can't match. Variable Speed, Intensity, and Tone controls allow the user complete control over the degree of tremolo effect, offering everything from painfully slow, spongy pulses to vibrant, shimmering warbles. Dual outputs allow for true stereo imaging by panning the tremolo effect between two amplifiers.

So, if tube tremolo tones are you're bag, look no further than the VT-X to fuel your mojo. The classic sounds you crave without the hassle and expense of vintage gear. At long last, a tremolo effect worthy of the name Guyatone.

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    Input Impedance
    470K ohm
    Output Impedance
    1k Ohm
    Max Input Level
    Max Output Level
    Max Amplitude
    Speed Frequency
    0.1 - 10Hz
    Power Supply
    12 Volt Adapter (12 volt, 200 mA tip negative regulated supply)
    Power Voltage
    12 Volt DC
    Current Consumption
    160 mA
    AC Adaptor
    DC12V/200 mA (Center -/Sleeve +) regulated
    3.5" W x 5.125" L x 1.5" H
    Weight (w/o battery)
    15.0 oz

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