Guyatone OD-X Overdrive


  • Drive
    controls the amount of overdrive
  • Contour
  • Level
    controls the output level



For decades overdrive pedals have been used to emulate the sounds of hard-working tube amps - but what better way to get tube-tone than from a tube? The Guyatone OD-X Overdrive features one 12AX7WA powered by twelve volts direct to plate for the warm, gritty saturation that only a tube can provide.

The OD-X Overdrive excels at recreating the classic overdriven-amp tones of legendary Rock and Blues guitarists. Like adding a second preamp to the front-end of your amp, The OD-X works as an additional gain stage that brings out the best tonal aspects of your gear without sacrificing their signature tones. The OD-X accomplishes this feat by using some unique circuit design concepts unavailable in other pedals.

While many manufacturers run their tube effect units at high voltages, the engineers at Guyatone have found that running tube circuits at lower voltages helps accentuate even-order harmonics for a sweeter, smoother clipping effect. The OD-X runs 12 volts direct to plate, providing just enough juice to bring out the warm, organic crunch of the 12AX7WA. This configuration allows for a very transparent, dynamically sensitive effect that responds exceptionally well to playing nuances while maintaining clarity and punch.

Another secret behind the OD-X's realistic tube-amp tone lies in its Contour control. Rather then the typical "Hi Cut/Hi Boost" configuration of most overdrives, the OD-X's Contour control's combination Notch/Peaking filter centers on the Mid-Hi frequency range around 1 KHz, offering +/- 12 dB of cut/boost at this specific band. Centering the frequency at this "sweet spot" provides a clearer, more focused character to the overdrive by creating more "sound pressure" on the listener's ears. At center position the Contour control provides a perfectly flat response for player's who won't stand to have their tone altered in any way.

So whether you need the slightly gritty volume boosts of a hard-working combo or the full-throttle attack of a full stack being pushed to its limits, the OD-X will provide you with the rich, thick, distinctively tube-tone you lust after.

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    Input Impedance
    470K ohm
    Output Impedance
    10k Ohm
    Max Input Level
    Max Output Level
    Max Amplitude
    Power Supply
    12 Volt Adapter (12 volt, 200 mA tip negative regulated supply)
    Power Voltage
    12 Volt DC
    Current Consumption
    150 mA
    AC Adaptor
    DC12V/200 mA (Center -/Sleeve +) regulated
    3.5" W x 5.125" L x 1.5" H
    Weight (w/o adapter)
    15 oz

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