Guyatone MM-X Metal Monster


  • Distortion
    controls the amount of distortion
  • Level
    controls the output level
  • Low
    controls the amount of low frequencies
  • Mid (Frequency + Level)
    the level knob controls the amount of the (mid) frequency band set by the frequency knob
  • High
    controls the amount of high frequencies



Who says metal is dead? It seems that heavy music has once again taken the world by storm, only a few short years after all the "experts" said that it was a dying fad. The rebirth of heavy music marks a renewed interest in super-saturated guitar tones, brutal drop-tuned riffs and bone-crushing rhythms.

The key to keeping these chainsaw chops razor sharp is the "scooped-mid" guitar tone - crank your low-end, boost your highs, and turn down those mids and you've got it. To achieve this, you need a distortion device that offers complete control over the entire tonal range.

That's why you need the Guyatone MM-X Metal Monster. The MM-X is the absolute last word in high gain distortion devices. It offers gobs of grinding gain and singing sustain that were previously unattainable without the use of the most powerful tube amplifiers at full-bore volume (did we mention most expensive and heaviest as well?).

The Metal Monster's hybrid tube/solid state distortion circuit yields everything from subtle overdrive to extreme saturation worthy of the blackest black metal band. Its Three-stage EQ section allows for precise control over all frequency bands, with a parametric midrange that covers the "sweet spot" between 200-5kHz. The MM-X's controls allow for an unlimited variety of brutal tones, including the trademark "scooped mids" made famous by bands like Metallica and Pantera.

If other distortions just aren't enough, try the MM-X on for size!

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    Input Impedance
    470K ohm
    Output Impedance
    1k Ohm
    Max Input Level
    Max Output Level
    Max Amplitude
    Power Supply
    12 Volt Adapter (12 volt, 200 mA tip negative regulated supply)
    Power Voltage
    12 Volt DC
    Current Consumption
    160 mA
    AC Adaptor
    DC12V/200 mA (Center -/Sleeve +) regulated
    3.5" W x 5.125" L x 1.5" H
    Weight (w/o battery)
    15.0 oz

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