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The Tony's BenderTool® is developed together with Tony Spinner (TOTO, Tony Spinner Band It's based on the legendary two knob Sola sound Tonebender MKII as used by Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) and Jeff Beck. It's famous for it's extreme sustain and easy slipping into controlled feedback.

Tony's own Tonebender housed in a Fuzz Face enclosure is used as a reference during the development of the Tony's BenderTool®.

The Tony's BenderTool® is a Tonebender MKII extended with features that increase operating flexibility and solve short comings of the original design but do not change the original Tonebender MKII character.


  • Fuzz - adjust the fuzz level
  • Volume - dial in the overall volume level
  • T.M.F. - Continuous variable range control, dial in the amount of bass resulting in a sound character ranging from a thick fuzz to dynamic distortion
  • Increased output level - better volume balance between effect on /off. The Tony's BenderTool® has about 3x the output level of the original Tonebender MKII
  • Impedance Conversion Interface (on/off) - converting an active input signal (EMG pickups, Wireless or loop system) to a signal suited for the Tony's BenderTool® and thus retaining the character of the effect
  • The PaulSwitch® - robust true bypass foot switch to switch effect on/off & to avoid tone sucking in bypass operation
  • Pre warning Battery low indication - giving the opportunity to changeover batteries before the effect stops working
  • External power supply (noise reduced) - providing the option to use an external power supply without inducing noise or changing the character of the sound
  • Reverse and over voltage protection - to protect the sensitive NOS germanium transistors and keeping the pedal running for many years to come
  • New Old Stock (NOS) Germanium transistors - a selected and individually audited set of germanium transistors with gains matched, very low leakage current and minimal hiss to create the best possible sound

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