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It's a FLORUS!

Our first boutique stompbox, ANGULAR VELOCITY, is a lesson in the physics of sound! With roots in chorus and flanger effects it may be better named a FLORUS but its named after an actual physics principle.

From creating subtle shimmering tones to swirling mayhem, the AV-1 is noise free effect unit built with TRUE BYPASS and an analog designed circuit for vintage warmth. Dynamic user control allows for easy "on the fly" editing giving you a wealth of cool textures.

With standard RATE and DEPTH controls found on flanger and chorus boxes, the AV-1 adds ANGLE and of course, VELOCITY to the mix! Think of your sound as our swirling vortex logo with the ability to change all of its physical properties to create a personal wall of sonic textures.

One thing you need to know up front is easy on the VELOCITY as just a little will do 'ya! Small increments take the vortex to the point of screaming oscillation-type feedback but then just back off a bit for a sweet thick flanger type tone. Back VELOCITY all the way down, alter the ANGLE of the vortex and you have a sweet chorus with subtle shimmering overtones.

The AV-1 interacts great with all other boxes which no impact to your dry tone. Add your favorite overdrive, some reverb and a twinge of delay for the perfect lead tone. All of this with no change in volume when switching! Of course we had the box built gig tough with a brushed stainless steel cover and bright blue LED so you can see it on a dark stage. Battery (9V included) or standard 9VDC adapter (not included) so you can add the AV-1 to your existing pedalboard and power supply. We spent a lot of time tweaking this one to make sure we got it right... right out of the box! Boutique quality without the price tag, destined to become a classic and a great addition to your effect pedal arsenal.

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