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The TB-1 Midrange/Wah Booster puts all of the power and tone of a fine boutique Wah-Wah pedal right INSIDE your guitar, and gives you the option to engage a powerful midrange boost, completely tuneable, right at your fingertips.

Use either the MSW mini switch or one plug from the PPOT push-pull pot to engage one of the two modes:

  1. Tunebale Midrange Boost
  2. Vintage Wah-Wah
Choose which installation method to use. (Please read our "FAQS" on the MODboards main page) We supply the custom made potentiometer to control J2, And we ship the MSW stock to switch between mid boost and wah-wah on J1. If you would prefer to use a knob on the guitar to switch between settings just substitute a PPOT-500 or PPOT-250. If you would prefer to leave the board in one position simply do not connect a cable to J1 and use the mini switch- SW1 to choose which mode- UP for mid Boost, DOWN for Wah.

You can choose from a push/pull on/off knob below, for true stealth performance, or a surface mounted on/off switch. Find a jack that matches what's in your guitar now and that's all you need. The TB-1 comes with a battery clip and a pair of foam padding strips.

J3 and J4 are your switch locations- the push/pull pot plugs into both, the Mini Switch plugs into J3 for Buffered mode, J4 for true bypass mode.

The TB-1 comes with a fully illustrated step-by-step installation guide.

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