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The AM-1 Amplifier Modeler puts all of the power and tone of a fine boutique Overdrive pedal right INSIDE your guitar, and available at your fingertips.We ship EVERYTHING you need to install it, or customize the control setup to your taste!

Preset the board with one of four authentically rendered tube amp models:

  1. Vintage Tweed
  2. Modern Overdriven Tweed
  3. Vintage "Hand WIred" British
  4. Modern Metal British

Tweed modes give you vintage sweet overdrive with a pronounced midrange boost. The British modes dial in authentic tones, feel and presence. In our extensive testing we have found this circuit to produce more natural tones than MANY, MANY high end overdrive pedals in our collection!

Preset the tone knob (VR2)to match your pickups and preferred amplifier, and you're all set. Choose which installation method to use. (Please read our "FAQS" on the MODboards main page) Our stock setup is two separate pots and a push/pull. How cool will it be to control your input gain and lead tone right from your guitar... dialing in just the right amount of crunch, instantly switchable back to clean??

You can choose from a push/pull on/off knob below, for true stealth performance, or a surface mounted on/off switch. Find a jack that matches what's in your guitar now and that's all you need. The AM-1 comes with a battery clip and a pair of foam padding strips.

J3 and J4 are your switch locations- the push/pull pot plugs into both, the Mini Switch plugs into J3 for Buffered mode, J4 for true bypass mode.

The AM-1 comes with a fully illustrated step-by-step installation guide.

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