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OK...Everybody does the tube screamer thing. Our Greenie Classic has been a runaway success. It's just a great sound.

Well how about more of a good thing?

the Twin Overdrive pedal takes the two classic and most desirable 'TS" sounds and puts them in one pedal.

The Boost channel is the vintage TS-808 sound. Warm and very articulate- never masks the natural tone of your amp, but gives you crunch and warm overdrive all the way up to a decent full-on distortion. It uses a separate JRC4558 chip and really nails the correct square-button 808 sound and feel.

the Overdrive channel is more of a modded 80's TS-9 sound. We say modded because we have dialed in a LOT of extra gain and body... go from crunchy vintage overdrive all the way up to a high-gain modern distortion...all while keeping the real full an pure "Tube" sound and feel.

The Boost side can cascade into the Overdrive side for a full-on FUZZ if you are so inclined, but we prefer to use a mild boost to go from crunch rhythm to fat, screaming lead mode.

This is a professional quality pedal, with a completely steel enclosure- stainless steel hardware, THICK double sided high-quality PC boards, super high quality low noise components and a heavy duty footswitch.

Nobody and I mean sells a pedal this good, this cool looking, this cool sounding for this kind of dough!

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