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The Twin hi_Gain is amazing at taking a decent sounding basic amp and creating several rich, harmonically pure High gain sounds.

The Lead side is like a Turbo Rat pedal mixed with a good old fashioned tube screamer- It's got the mid bite you need for crushing rhythms and leads, but with the warmth and "vocal" upper mids that you get from the great JCM-800 and JCM-900 amps.

The Turbo side is the modern tube overdrive sound- Think Dual Recto...JCM-2000... very bold, TONS of gain on tap... but it never loses the analog "Vacuum Tube" feel and quality.

The Lead channel is cascadable into the Turbo channel, super handy to set up FOUR basic sounds:

  1. Clean...The pedal is off
  2. Crunch Rhythm- Lead mode set for moderate gain
  3. Solo- Turbo channel set for moderate gain
  4. Boosted Solo- Lead channel cascaded into Turbo channel.

This is a professional quality pedal, with a completely steel enclosure- stainless steel hardware, THICK double sided high-quality PC boards, super high quality low noise components and a heavy duty footswitch.

Nobody and I mean sells a pedal this good, this cool looking, this cool sounding for this kind of dough!

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