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GFS Electronics Twin Clean Drive


Guitar Fetish

The new GFS Electronics Twin-Sound pedals make any guitar amplifier a channel switching amp.

The Twin Clean Drive is designed to provide extra clean gain and body to a single channel tube amp- It is NOT a distortion box, and not really designed to boost an already distorted sound- It does what it does brilliantly... and offers two distinctly different types of guitar sound.

The "6L6" Channel offers the feel and response of a Blackface Twin.. Warm and sweet with a crisp, tight high end. Add some sparkle to your normal clean sound or add warmth, body and GIRTH. It'll get fat and round if you increase the gain...and can overdrive even the meekest of amps into a great loud dirty vintage amp.

The "EL-34' side gives you the bark and bite of a 60's Marshall amp- but again... we're talking pure clean drive here. All the dirt comes from your AMP, the pedal just provides the tube-tinged clean boost. The Master control is your overall gain setting- Tone is the typical "Cut" control to roll off high end- and the "Gain" knob modifies the CHARACTER of the gain- not the amount. It's like a presence control on Steroids and is essential to really driving your amp hard without any mud.

The 6L6 channel IS cascadable into the EL-34 channel for an infinite amount of possibilities- even a credible overdrive sound.

This is a professional quality pedal, with a completely steel enclosure- stainless steel hardware, THICK double sided high-quality PC boards, super high quality low noise components and a heavy duty footswitch.

Nobody and I mean sells a pedal this good, this cool looking, this cool sounding for this kind of dough!

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