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Tremolo seems like such an easy effect to design.

I mean- it's just volume going up and down- right??

Well the secret to the old school PULSING warm tremolo sound- the Tommy James and the Shondels sound- is the use of a simple optical trem circuit. fender used it on the Tremolux and we use it on the Liquid Trem Classic.

Very natural feel to this pedal- hey...we called it "Liquid" for a reason.

A good warm tremolo is a must have on EVERY pedalboard.

This is a professional quality pedal, with a completely steel enclosure- stainless steel hardware, THICK double sided high-quality PC boards, super high quality low noise components and a heavy duty footswitch.

Nobody and I mean sells a pedal this good, this cool looking, this cool sounding for this kind of dough!

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