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The Greenie Classic Distortion takes all of the classic gutsy mid-heavy "Tube Screamer" overdrive tones and adds two more completely different voicings. Utilizing the classic JRC 4558 chip, we've also added a unique tone control that actually adds an upper mid bite in the last 15% of its travel.

We've tried to make the Greenie extremely touch-sensitive and responsive. While we recorded our sound samples through a 63 Princeton, we've created TREMENDOUS lead tones with Marshalls, Peaveys, even solid state amps.

The Greenie classic has three modes:

  • "Classic" is the old-school Tube Screamer thing...lots of thick searing mids, BIG bottom end and a smooth crunchy high end.
  • "Fat" is a thicker, fuller, warmer version of this tone....great for smaller amps- a GODSEND with a modelling or solid state amp.
  • "Tight" is a leaner, more modern Tube Screamer sound- this is especially good with richer sounding amps.

Like all of the GFS Footpedals, the greenie Classic is built a solid steel enclosure with heavy duty componentry and high quality switch and jacks. It wil run off of a standard 9 volt battery (Not Included), or either of our GFS A/C Adapters.

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